Empowerment for men&women

Shakti means power and Shiva is consciousness. Both are equally important. These classes are not based on seperation into gender, rather differences between expression as a man or a woman on Planet Earth.

Practices for Men, Shiva

In the words of Yogi Bhajan - In life, men are questioned, challenged, and tested. Do you believe yourself to be a man or don't you? That is the question...Accepting the challenge is the first act of the man and converting any adversity into prosperity is the second challenge of the man. Nurturing and caring is the third challenge of the man. Kindness and compassion is the fourth challenge of the man. Being noble and honorable is the fifth challenge of the man. These are the five challenges, which every man has to accept in his life whenever they come head on. Otherwise, you can call yourself a man but you are not. For that, you require character, instinct, intuition, intelligence, and knowledge.


Your word must be everlasting. For your word to be final, you must be in touch with your intuition. Your virtue is in your intuition, not in your emotion.


In this program we will be opening three major channels for man: Channel of Prosperity, Channel of Love and Channel of Health. Through yoga, breathing techniques, meditations and most importantly Initiation (Diksha) into the Energies of Higher Realms.

You will receive daily tools for maintaining that energy and awareness. It is a wonderful class to break though the limitations of the past and find access to your inner resources.


Practices for Women, Shakti

Women's natural ability is to connect to the Universe, relate to other people with love and compassion is a Gift for humanity. Women are sixteen times more powerfull energetically (Yogi Bhajan), which makes her prayers and her love deeply healing. On the other hand, it also makes her emotionally imbalanced and insecure.

In this individual course, a woman comes back to her nature, femininity, love, compassion through a profound work with Chakras, our energetic centres. It is empowering, inspiring, applies yoga, Sacred Dance, meditation, chanting . You will learn about Chakras and how to balance them in daily life. Transformational experiences happen in the class and you are never the same after that! You are a Radiant Divine Feminine Beauty.


Classes are individual, schedule is flexible. Please contact Mansi for more information.


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Guided Meditation Classes

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Kundalini Yoga (private/semi-private)

Wednesdays 10-11.30 am

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