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About Mansi

Namaste my dear friend!

Just like you are looking now for something, perhaps you are not exactly aware of what; so did I look for answers to many questions and the most important question for me was what is the purpose of my life, purpose of everything I do in my life?

This inner thirst brought into my life someone who later became my Reiki master, my mentor and a friend.


My journey started a decade ago, but at that time I did not understand the intelligence of the Higher Concsiousness, that it was bringing me closer and closer to remembering my true self. Only later I started realizing that all my experiences (even those that i considered negative) were just to explore who I am and how to happily live Life.

On a material level I had struggled to be materially better off, and I did get more stable with a very good job at that time, friends, a place to live and some joy. However, this did not satisfy my deepest longing for peace and one day with all the passion, anger, excitement in me I was asking the Universe or something Greater then us, something that has created it all, I begged to please, please show me the meaning and that is how my conscoius journey began.


I believe that serving my Higher Self and others makes me humble and free, internally free. I am here to serve you in a way to facilitate YOUR RETURN TO YOURSELF.

My name Mansi was given by Enlightened Master Swami Samdarshi, it means "Heart full of Love and beyond mind", I am striving to live in this meaning and bring Love and Compassion into classes, holding space for any shift to happen within.


A little bit about my 'credentials'

- Reiki Master in Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Natural Healing , Registered with Reiki Alliance http://www.reikialliance.com/en

- Kundalini Yoga Teacher, KRI Certified

- Teacher of Women's Practices

- MBA (Thesis on Spiritual Intelligence in Executive Coaching)

- Osho devotee and a student of Enlightened Master Swami Samdarshi www.samdarshi.com






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