About Reiki


"There is an unseen spiritual power that vibrates and all other powers fade into insignificance beside it. So, therefore, it is Absolute! This power is unforthomable, immeasurable, and being a universal life force, it is incomprehensive to man. Yet, every single living being is receiving its blessings daily, awake or asleep" Hawayo Takata, Reiki Grand Master (1938-1980).

Reiki is the Universal Life Energy. As human beings we have that Life energy and this is how we still live. However, with the lifestyle that we have, we are disconnected from that Energy and understanding that we all are One. Once we connect to ourselves and experience peace it is the state of bliss when you feel relaxed, in a place of no worry. Reiki is our connection to Universal Life Energy and ultimately to our place of tranquil self. Reiki is a very simple and yet powerful system of healing. It is also safe and practical as it relieves physical pain or emotional discomfort.


Reiki Treatment

During Reiki treatment, the practitioner places hands on the body, healing occurs in that contact with the body. It deeply relaxes the body, mind and clears anxiety, stress, depression. Reiki heals the body, physical imbalances, pain, discomfort; calms down the mind and emotions.


1 hour Reiki treatment - $60

1. 15 hrs - $80

Both sessions include full body Reiki treatment, brief and light head massage and consultation .

Reiki Classes

In Reiki class the most important part is the Initiation, when you are opening up to Universal Energy. Healing occurs during the class and during your whole journey after that. After learning and opening up for Reiki, one can be healed every day by doing simple treatments to oneself.

Level I Reiki class - one is able to do Reiki for oneself and others who are physically present. Enhances awareness of yourself and surroundings.

Level II Reiki class - is a deeper exploration of one's nature, personality, healing all aspects and able to heal other people distantly .


Classes are individual or a very small goup, schedule is flexible. Please contact Mansi.



  • Reiki treatment in person
  • Reiki classes I, II and Master Level
  • Energetic Therapy
  • Reiki distant treatment (person can be anywhere)
  • Yoga
  • Women's practices for self-radiance
  • Group and individual meditation classes


Upcoming events

Guided Meditation Classes

Please contact me for a location ,date&time


Kundalini Yoga

Mondays 5.30 pm


3375 Piercy road


Fridays 5.30-6.40 pm

Holy Cow Yoga Studio

542 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay, BC V9N 2J4


Kundalini Yoga (private/semi-private)

Wednesdays 10-11.30 am

Please contact for a location


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